The perfect solution for public & private parking providers!

CellOPark’s diversified parking system easily integrates into any parking ecosystem, reducing operational costs and capital expenditure while increasing revenue and improving public image.


Cellopark has been providing advanced mobile payment solutions for municipalities since 2004.

Our innovative system is easily integrated and easily implemented, designed to cut operational costs, increase revenue, and dramatically improve the parking experience, saving time and money for consumers.

Our system includes advanced CRM & back-office interfaces, a flexible tariff pricing system, on-street parking sensor and enforcement solutions


Over the years Cellopark has developed multiple tools and services for parking lots.

For computerized parking lots that have a system in place, we can easily integrate and offer our services as an additional payment option offering a more advanced and easy way fro drivers to pay.

In the event the parking lot is not computerized, we can provide a modern, innovative payment system which dramatically increases revenue with almost no maintenance and operational costs for a fraction of the the price of  traditional payment systems.

Using the most advanced technology available, our system is easily implemented and easy to use for all customers, including tenants, Cellopark member and casual parking lot customers.


University and college campuses often face the challenge of managing a combined off-street and on-street parking ecosystem.

As a global leader providing end-to-end solutions in multiple campuses, the Cellopark system is uniquely designed to provide the perfect parking solution.

The Cellopark Central Management System allows the parking operator to manage all aspects of the parking operation from a single, cloud-based system, including the implementation of mobile parking payments, parking navigation, advanced infringement solutions and v-permit management, with almost no infrastructure or investment required.


Part of Cellopark's Smart City Initiative, we have developed strategic partnerships with some of the worlds top parking sensor manufacturers to create a complete, holistic solution for parking operators based on integrating cutting edge IoT solutions with our innovative software solutions. Accurate, dependable and economical, Cellopark's comprehensive IoT platform can be deployed in almost any on-street and off-street parking ecosystem.


In order to create a truly complete, end-to-end solution for parking operators, Cellopark developed a software based enforcement system. The Cellopark Enforcement system consists of a unique enforcement app that can be used effectively on any Android device, a Bluetooth printer and an innovative, cloud-based platform which includes a variety of reports and software solutions.


Cellopark is committed to creating long term alliances with strategic partners looking to take advantage of global opportunities and trends in the parking industry.