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T.I.B.A Innovative parking Solutions

TIBA breaks the mold with our innovative parking solutions and emerging technologies. With 29 years of experience, TIBA is a global market leader, catering to customers from such diverse industries as airports, universities, shopping centers, municipalities, medical centers, high security facilities and more

Scheidt & Bachmann

Founded in 1872, Scheidt & Bachmann has become a global solutions provider. The company’s worldwide success comes from its innovative vision and customer oriented approach.

Skidata - Access Solutions & Visitor Management

With SKIDATA you can develop your parking facility into a consistent winner with skill and agility. Harness our seamless interplay between hardware, software and web-based services for your success

Sensor Dynamics

Sensor Dynamics has a proud history and is a leading supplier of Licence Plate Recognition (LPR also known as ANPR) systems in Australia for parking, traffic, security and law enforcement applications. With clients in both the private and public sector, Sensor Dynamics is committed to working closely with our clients to identify and deliver on their exact requirements.

Mileon 92 - Smart Solutions

Mileon 92 specializes in providing extensive supervision, control and enforcement solutions for local authorities, institutions and individuals. The company operates and develops advanced and modern technologies in fields related to data gathering and CRM systems