Parking Operators
The perfect solution for public & private parking providers
CellOPark's diversified parking system easily integrates into any parking ecosystem, reducing operational costs and capital expenditure while increasing revenue and improving public image
On-street parking

CellOPark has been providing advanced mobile solutions for municipalities since 2004. Our innovative system is easily integrated, designed to cut operational costs, increase revenue, and dramatically improve the parking experience, saving time and money for consumers.

Our system includes an advanced CRM back office interface, a flexible tariff pricing system and a complete enforcement system

Off-street parking & gated lots

CellOPark was developed to provide an answer to the rising demand for a more comfortable and modern solution to pay for parking. Our system has been seamlessly integrated in hundreds of parking lots, and provides the ability to access gated and gate-less facilities via app, QR codes, beacon technology and LPR camera systems.

Universities & Hospitals

CellOPark is a leader in providing end-to-end solutions for University Campuses. We offer all sorts of pricing programs for mobile parking payment, parking guidance, v-permit management and complete infringement solutions. Our system is easy to implement, intuitive for students, faculties and visitors, and no new infrastructure or investement needed.

Online reporting and big data analytics

With CellOPark enjoy online access to professional reports and real-time analytics. Access transportation and parking data, connect with parking officers and consumers, implement flexible pricing rates based on demand, improve enforcement and increase revenues.

Global success

With hundreds of locations spanning over 2 continents, the CellOPark system is being seamlesly implemented by parking operators and municipalities alike. Everywhere CellOpark is implemented, parking providers see an increase in revenue, performance, customer satisfaction and public image.

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