CellOPark for business

CellOPark Technologies offers unique plans for all types of businesses, from small start-ups to large corporate fleets. CellOPark Biz is perfect for companies looking to streamline their parking costs and reduce hassle over parking expenses, where all parking transactions to be managed under the one account.

CellOPark Biz customer's will have the freedom and ability to conduct any changes to their fleet, extract parking analyitcs and stats, monitor parking activity snd so much more. The users nominated by the company are covered by one monthly bill.

In short, CellOPark Biz is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes!
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CellOPark BIZ
Easy for employees!
  • Employees can use the CellOPark app to pay for parking and do not need to keep loose change or receipts.
Full control of your car fleet
  • Monitor live usage and know when and where employees have parked.
Save Money
  • Company employees only pay for the time they park and enjoy automatic parking services that reduce company costs
Control your costs!
  • All under the one account with one monthly bill.

CellOPark Biz – the ultimate parking service for corporate clients!