CellOPark Technologies
Advanced Parking Systems

CellOPark Technologies is an award-winning leader & innovator in the global parking industry, offering an advanced public parking management solution.
The CellOPark system was developed to provide an answer to the rising demand for a more comfortable and modern solution to pay for parking. CellOPark created a system which uses cellular technology – something almost all drivers own – to make parking simple, quick and easy.

CellOPark is not just another parking payment app. CellOPark offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution for cities, parking operators and parking consumers. Our system seamlessly integrates into any parking ecosystem, and includes on-street and off-steet parking payememt options, permit management and infirngement solutions.

Some of our unique advantages include:

  • Per minute parking, allowing the customer to pay only for actual time parked.
  • Pay-by-phone, pay-by-app and online payment systems.
  • Drivers enjoy online access to reports and parking history, while the parking operator enjoys Big Data analytics and features that are crucial for improved parking management and policy planning.
  • Aside from signposting, the system does not require any new infrastructure or any investment from the authorities and        complements any existing systems or payment options, such as street parking meters.
CellOPark is the modern, effect way to manage your parking needs
Innovative. Easy. Economical
Personal and family accounts
With personal and family pricing plans, CellOPark has your parking needs covered!
No Credit Card? No Worries!
With CellOPark you can use PayPal, or a variety of pre-paid scratchy cards
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